Upcoming Events

Annual Churchill Society events include lectures, movie night, Wine Wit and Wisdom, and celebrating Churchill’s Birthday with a dinner and lecture. Members and their guests are invited to attend all CSNO events.

November 30, 2017

Churchill’s Birthday Dinner will be celebrated by members and their guests.  Our speaker is Rob Citino, National WWII Museum Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian, whose new book, “the Wehrmacht’s Last Stand: the German Campaigns of 1944-1945” will be available in October, will speak on “Churchill in the Nazi Imagination”.  Dr. Citino has taught at US Military Academy at West Point and the Army War College and is author of nine other books.









May 12, 2017 – CSNO hosted our annual Wine, Wit, and Wisdom, during which members enjoyed refreshments, then took turns speaking about Churchill, often in relation to current events.  Our Essay Contest winner for 2017 received her award and read the winning essay.


August 22, 2017,  Pol Roger Night:

Members and their guests gathered at Hoppers Wine  to enjoy Churchill’s favorite champagne, Pol Roger.  Board Member Walter Wolf spoke about the unusual relationship between Churchill and the Pol Roger label.  It is estimated that Churchill may have consumed a box car worth of Pol Roger in his lifetime.


The Birthday Dinner,  a formal reception and dinner, was held on November 30 at the National WWII Museum.  After hearing songs from Gilbert and Sullivan presented by Loyola University students, professor and author Hal Klepak, spoke about his new book, Churchill Comes of Age, Cuba, 1895.   We think that the Great Man would have felt very much at home on this grand occasion.

Year Round:

Lectures are held as the opportunity arises.

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